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Killer Bees: Bridgehampton Basketball Documentary Scores on iTunes


“It’s crazy. I’ve been going to the Hamptons for 20–30 years and I thought the Hamptons was all about rich people. But there’s another side of the Hamptons that you really don’t see. And this team, they’ve been winning championships for the longest time. And it’s a great story. When I saw it I called them up and said ‘I want to be an executive producer.’ It’s a great film. Check it out.”—Shaquille O’Neal, Producer, “Killer Bees”


Two years ago, two brothers, Ben and Orson Cummings, had the idea to make a documentary about the Bridgehampton Killer Bees basketball team. The Killer Bees have won nine state championships in the last 40 years. After they win in the finals upstate, they head home on the team bus, a six-hour drive.

Those on the bus—the players with “Killer Bees” on their uniforms, the coaches, the cheerleaders and some fans—keep in touch with people in Bridgehampton so when they get out past Riverhead, well after dark, the fire trucks and the police cars can head out to meet up with them and, with lights flashing, guide them the rest of the way home. There’s a party on the school’s front lawn, a little one anyway, as the kids meet up with their parents who have stayed up late to take them home. If there were a way to measure pride and excitement, it would be a 10 out of 10.

Ben and Orson are Bridgehampton alums. The pair had made three films before this hour-and-a-half long documentary called Killer Bees. It premiered at the Hampton International Film Festival last October. Here’s how it is described by, where reviewers have given it 9.4 stars out of 10…

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Killer Bees: Bridgehampton Basketball Documentary Scores on iTunes